• Next Up: Our Yahoo! App for Android

    By Fernando Delgado, Senior Director, Mobile and Emerging Product

    At Yahoo!, we want to be sure that all our products are available to you regardless of platform. That’s why today we’re excited to bring you our new Yahoo! app for Android. The new Yahoo! app for Android delivers the best of the web with a virtually endless stream of personalized stories. It’s designed for those moments when you need short news summaries to help find what you’re looking for, or when you have more time to enjoy them. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of the new Yahoo! app for Android:

    Summarized Stories With Rich Images
    It’s easy to read shorter news summaries for those on-the-go moments. By default, you’ll see a visual stream of stories. To go to a classic view, click on the top left icon with three bars and under “All Stories,” simply tap on the “Visual” button to turn it “Off.”


    Your news stream will display short summaries and immersive imagery associated with each story. Once you’ve

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  • By Marissa Mayer, CEO

    Consuming news and information on the go has become the norm -- whether waiting for a morning coffee or commuting home from work, content discovery is an insatiable daily habit. Our mobile phones have opened up a window to the world, with the latest news, sports updates, and entertainment coverage right there in our pockets. Because consuming content is such a core part of our everyday lives, today we’re launching our new Yahoo! mobile app for iPhone. Beautifully designed with smaller screens in mind, the new Yahoo! is all about delivering the best of the web -- right on your phone.

    Story Summaries on The New Yahoo! App on iPhone
    Story Summaries on The New Yahoo! App on iPhoneStory Summaries on The New Yahoo! App on iPhone

    The new Yahoo! mobile app is also smarter, using Summly’s natural-language algorithms and machine learning to deliver quick story summaries. We acquired Summly less than a month ago, and we’re thrilled to introduce this game-changing technology in our first mobile application. And, with the immersive imagery of our virtually endless

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  • By Lee Parry, Senior Director, Mobile & Emerging Products
    With amazing displays, vibrant colors and lifelike images, tablets have changed the way we experience books, photos, movies and more. Yet email, something we do every day, has remained pretty much the same. We’ve been boxed in.

    Today, we’re excited to introduce the Yahoo! Mail Apps for iPad and Android tablets - a full-screen experience that gets rid of the noise. There are no folders, no buttons, no tabs - just you and your mail - and you can easily flip through it like a magazine. We've designed Yahoo! Mail to take full advantage of the tablet making reading your email faster, easier and just a little bit more fun.

    Yahoo! Mail for iPad mini

    Yahoo! Mail for iPad mini

    We’re also helping you clean up your inbox, so you can get to the email that matters most. With our new Mail apps, you can quickly select your messages, automatically group by sender, and with a swipe - delete, star, or move them all. We figured you probably didn’t need those expired coupons

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  • By David McDowell, Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail

    As we've said before, we're focused on making Yahoo! Mail easy. The way we see it, you should be able to go into your inbox, do what you need to do and move on with your day. That's why we're excited to announce a new partnership with Dropbox that makes it easier to send, receive and manage attachments in Yahoo! Mail.

    Starting today, Dropbox is available within Yahoo! Mail. This integration allows you to share and store files more easily, whether they are vacation photos or important documents like tax returns and research papers. And, because files can be stored in your Dropbox account online, it's easy to find the files you want even when you are away from your desktop.


    Dropbox is available within Yahoo! Mail for the Web in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. For those of you new to Dropbox, you can quickly create an account from within Yahoo! Mail. To learn more, click here.

    We hope you like this new

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  • Revving up the innovation engine

    By David Filo, Co-founder of Yahoo!

    This past weekend, we celebrated Yahoo!'s 18th birthday. A birthday is a good time to reflect on the experiences that have helped shape you. This one is no different.

    That's why our birthday was the perfect time to bring together Yahoos from around the world for our quarterly Hackday. We created our first Hackday in 2005, bringing some of our most eager minds together in an all-night coding session. I'm proud that this tradition has continued.

    Hackdays are special for Yahoos -- as much a part of our history as our birthday itself. Hackers from all over the world come together for 24 hours to create something truly special. The experience is memorable, not only for the eccentricities, but also for the inspiring hacks that Yahoos create. Some hacks have become full-fledged products, like Yahoo! Weather for Android.


    {Hackers in Yahoo! Bangalore}

    For our 18th birthday, we decided to turn our Hackday up a notch. We challenged hackers to focus on making our

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  • By Jay Rossiter, EVP, Platforms

    At Yahoo!, we're focused on making your daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. This means that we're constantly reviewing and iterating on our products and experiences. In some cases, it means updating our products like we've done recently with our new welcome to Yahoo!, Flickr for iPhone and iPod Touch and Yahoo! Mail.

    In other cases, after much thought and deliberation, we decide to shut down some products. Before making these decisions, we look at a variety of factors. The most critical question we ask is whether the experience is truly a daily habit that still resonates for all of you today.

    Ultimately, we're making these changes in an effort to sharpen our focus. By continuing to hone in on our core products and experiences, we'll be able to make our existing products the very best they can be.

    You can find more details below about how the closures we're announcing today will work.

    Yahoo! Avatars

    Effective April 1, 2013, we will no longer support

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  • A new welcome to Yahoo!

    By Marissa Mayer, CEO

    Yahoo! first began as Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web, a directory of links created to help organize the Internet during its very early days. That simple directory evolved through the years into the Yahoo! we know today -- a starting point for your daily habits. Whether checking the latest news, sports scores, or just searching, Yahoo! has always been about bringing you the very best of the web. And, today, we’re introducing a new, more modern experience to do just that.


    Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences. Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your

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  • by Mike Kerns, VP, Product

    If you’ve had a chance to visit Yahoo! today, you may have noticed a few changes. We’ve launched a fresh, dynamic and personalized Yahoo! experience that brings you relevant content even faster. It’s now easier for you to get your daily dose of weather, stock quotes, sports scores, and more. These changes are just the first step in making Yahoo! personalized, and the more you visit Yahoo!, the better it will become. Below are a few top tips on how to get the most out of the new Yahoo!.

    Get personal, sign-in
    To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen.

    Tip 1 Get personal, sign-in

    Filter your newsfeed.
    The newsfeed defaults to a "blend" of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the “More” button to choose from other categories that

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  • Capture, Share and Discover… Anywhere!

    By Brett Wayn, Vice President, Flickr

    Our lives are often filled with everyday wonders, both large and small, that delight us -- a smile, a sunset, or for a foodie like me, a delicious meal. And, it’s not surprising that our mobile phones have changed how we capture these moments. We're all making a daily habit out of sharing and discovering these beautiful moments with friends, family, and the world. Photography has clearly evolved, and so should we.

    That’s why we’re excited to introduce a redesigned Flickr app for iPhone and iPod touch, making it easier than ever to capture, share, and discover beautiful photos -- all from the palm of your hand. This latest app also includes many of the best Flickr.com features, including editing and managing your photos, making them accessible wherever you are. Because we store your photos in full resolution, they’ll be crisp and clear even when you zoom in on the smallest details.

    We built the app with sharing in mind -- whether by email, with the

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  • Introducing the New Yahoo! Mail

    By Marissa Mayer, CEO

    Email is the ultimate daily habit. It’s often the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. Why? Because it’s one of the simplest and most basic forms of communication. And since it’s such an important part of our daily lives, we’re making a few improvements to Yahoo! Mail.

    You’ve told us loud and clear that you want fewer distractions when it comes to email. You want to quickly login, communicate, and get on with your day. And we’ve listened. Starting today, the new Yahoo! Mail is fast, easy and available anywhere you go. These improvements will be available on all major platforms: Web, Windows 8, iPhone/iPod touch and Android.
    Introducing the New Yahoo! Mail
    We’ve redesigned the new version of Yahoo! Mail with speed in mind -- getting through your emails is faster than ever before. We’ve also made your inbox more intuitive and easier to navigate, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your messages. And, because mobile is everything these days, Yahoo! Mail

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